Joish J Bosco



Software Engineer & ML and DL Researcher.

  • Birthday: 23rd March
  • Phone: +91-94449-78521
  • City: Chennai, IND
  • Age: 23
  • Degree: Bachelor's in Computer Science
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My name is Joish J Bosco. I work as a software engineer. Speaking about me, I wanted to be a Hacker when I was doing my undergrad. As days went by, I figured out that there was a need to write my tools and, so I began to learn and write my code. Gradually, I got more interested in writing code that could potentially solve problems that I was facing. It was this time I was exposed to Artificial Intelligence. As a hobby and in my free time, I continuously learn and research in Machine Learning, Deep Learning. Something that I would like to add on is that I am a Philomath, always open to challenges and constructive feedback.



Bachelor's in Computer Science

2014 - 2018

Anna University, Chennai, India

Professional Experience

Junior Software Engineer

2018 - Present

DCKAP Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India

  • Was a part of the Cloras Back-End Team - Responsible for developing controllers using Flask and MongoDB
  • Was a part of the Cloras Front-End Team - Responsible for developing components in ReactJS
  • Provided ideas to re-architect the Cloras product.
  • Provided ideas to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence team and also worked along with them in building Machine Learning models.
  • Was part of the service‚Äôs team, assisting in System Integration using Cloras

Research and Development

2018 - 2018

Teknuance Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India

  • Developed multiple Proofs-of-Concepts in order to build Machine Learning capabilities in the team.
  • Incorporated various Machine Learning features in Teknuance internal tools, in order to utilize the performance gain offered by Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Developed a prototype for AutoML.
  • Developed a prototype for converting English text to SQL query.


Python, JavaScript 80%
Flask, ReactJS 80%
Machine Learning, Deep Learning 75%
TensorFlow 2.0, Keras, scikit learn 75%
Mongo, MySQL 65%
Docker 50%
WiFi Hacking 80%
Git, Bitbucket75%
Rest API 75%
HTML5, CSS, Linux 55%

Research and Related work

Code Contribution


JsonJ is a simple Python Library that allows parsing Complicated Nested Json tree to a Simple Json data. This Library allows converting Complicated Nested Json Data to an Intermediate Simple Json Data, which make it easier to process the original data.


FeatureSelection is a Python Library where you automatically or manually select those features which contribute most to your prediction variable or output in which you are interested in.

  • Link
  • Currently Working on it

Published Work

User Independent Human Stress Detection

2020 IEEE 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems (IS)

Ramanathan Murugappan, Joish J Bosco, Krishnakanth Eswaran, Pranav Vijay, Vineeth Vijayaraghavan

Stock Market Prediction and Efficiency Analysis using Recurrent Neural Network

GRIN Verlag

Joish Bosco, Fateh Khan

Currently Working Research

A Two-Stage Machine Learning Architecture for Malware Detection and Data Theft Classification

IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC)

Joish J Bosco, Prasanna Kumaran D, Sai Vishwanath Venkatesh, Pravin Kumaar R, Vineeth Vijayaraghavan

  • Awaiting Author Notification

Detection of Malicious activity based on mobile phone usage over concept drift

  • Currently Working on it

Personal Projects

Malware Detection and Data Theft Classification

  • In this project, We as a team were able to predict different malware attacks and the different data that was stolen during an attack.
  • We used Total memory used size, Number of threads that were running, and some more features that were a part of the Sherlock dataset.
  • NOT YET PUSHED TO GITHUB - (Will be done soon)

Human Stress State Detection

  • In this project, We as a team were able to figure out if a person was in a stress state or not.
  • We used Electrocardiogram (ECG), Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals that were a part of the Wearable Stress and Affect Detection (WESAD) dataset.
  • Link

Stock Market Predictions

  • In this project, I was using Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) to forecast the future stock price of Google.
  • Link

Automated Mailing System

  • In this project, I was able to figure out the absent list of students and sent a mail to there parents/guardians informing them.
  • This complete process was automated.
  • NOT YET PUSHED TO GITHUB - (Will be done soon)